Our People

As a values-led business, our people are at the heart of all we do. We are very proud of the way our people engage with our shared values.

santa_cycleEvent Participation

Throughout the year we host and participate in numerous fund raising activities, particularly in support of our preferred causes. We open many of these up to include family, friends and the wider business community. This not only allows us to gain greater exposure for the cause but also allows us to share the feeling of Doing Good beyond our business and encourages others to get involved. Many of our staff also participate in additional events, supporting causes close to their own hearts.


paint_the_domeDoing good is more than just giving people money. Sometimes giving our time is far more valuable. We actively encourage our staff to support events and take part in projects to benefit local causes. This allows our staff not only to give to, but to engage with these causes; whether this is as an individual, as an individual contributing to a group activity or by actively supporting others.

Our support for our staff participation extends to include other ‘citizenship’ activities, such as donating blood or volunteering as a school governor, scout leader or sports coach, as well as other public service, charitable or environmental activities.

Health & wellbeing

healthyIt is good for our business to have healthy and fulfilled staff working in a safe and supportive environment. We support and promote healthy living through things such as our Cycle to Work scheme and by engaging in the UK Workplace Challenge and events such as Walk to Work Week.

Drawing a link between healthy activity and doing good in our community is a great way to approach this issue. There is nothing more satisfying for the mind than the sense of doing the right thing. We should take pride in our sacrifices and achievements. Often the opportunities to support our communities have a physical theme (and sometimes competitive!) and we constantly look for ways to bring these together. We also encourage our staff to consider their work-life balance.

Give As You Earn (GAYE)

ipswich_playbusFor our staff based in Germany there is a fixed method of sacrificing salary through the payroll system. In the UK we have set up a GAYE facility (whereby our staff are able to make regular donations directly via their salary) which allows the business to match donations made by individuals when their donation is for the benefit of either The Soma Leo Foundation or a Community Foundation (our preferred causes).