Our Values

We seek to balance our desire for business success with the needs of the wider communities in which we are active and upon which we have an impact.

We are a values-based business in that we seek to put some common values at the heart of how we approach everything. Our values are focused on three stakeholder groups:

  • Our Customers (who pay us to provide services and without them we wouldn’t be here)
  • Our People (the fabulous staff who deliver the services to our customers)
  • Our Communities (the places and people we interact with and have an impact on)

Our People

We want to be the type of employer people want to work for. In return we want people who want to engage with the business values; care and be passionate about our customers and our communities. Shared values make the corporate values true and real.

So our people are at the heart of our doing good approach. You can read more about how we seek to look after our staff in the Our People part of the website.

Our Communities

Customers and suppliers form a critical part of our resources for doing good. They may also be beneficiaries in our communities. What we mean by community can be very broadly interpreted. This could be where our staff are based, where our clients and suppliers are based and/or where the beneficiaries of our activities are based.