Fresh Start- New Beginnings

Founded in 2012, Fresh Start New Beginnings is a charity that aims to ensure all children and young people (up to the age of 18) who are victims of sexual exploitation/abuse are provided with help, advice, guidance and therapeutic interventions to aid in their recovery. Young people are signposted to this service through doctors, mental health services, school nurses, police and social services. In 2014 a total of 111 young people were referred and some are still receiving support. Fresh Start New Beginnings can also support the whole family unit- it’s estimated a further 150 family members were able to receive support thanks to this.

The grant of £2,000 will go towards the cost of producing a story book specifically for young children aged 4-11 that have been victims of sexual abuse. The group would like to give the book to each child that receives counselling to help them understand what happened to them- it also includes worksheets for the children to complete at home with parents/carers. This grant will provide the charity with 2,000 books to support them with this.

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