Pound Gates pledge to take 11 million steps in January in lockdown steps challenge

The teams at Pound Gates, Sevatas and Contior have taken up the challenge to Step Up 4 Soma Leo, in the Pound Gates Lockdown Steps Challenge.

With a new lockdown in place across the country, it’s more vital than ever that we help our staff look after their physical and mental health. 60 of our staff are taking part in the Challenge to exercise throughout January. We’re keeping it simple; each person has pledged how many steps they will take and they are free to achieve them in the way that suits them best. That could be working out to exercise videos, running around after children while home-schooling, and/or taking advantage of the exercise window to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

The personal pledges made by the 60 participants add up to an impressive 11 million steps!

Not only are we keeping fit during January, we are also raising funds for The Soma Leo Foundation, which provides education and support to disadvantaged communities in east Africa. This is achieved through its own school The Soma Leo Academy, in Nyiera, Kenya and by supporting other schools in nearby Osieko.

The school fully re-opened to all 200 pupils in January, and after a year without any fundraising activity, the £5,000 fundraising target is much needed as the staff in Kenya are working hard to adapt to the new Government guidelines, which is challenging and expensive.

You can find out more about what’s needed to adapt to government guidelines in the video below

So we invite you to sponsor us to help keep our teams motivated and help raise much needed funds.

Thank you.