Walk on the Waterside

bbc_suffolk_small“Walk on the Waterside” is a charity event raising money for Suffolk Breakthrough Breast Cancer. First run in 2013 it attracted over 175 women (and a few men) to walk 13 miles through beautiful scenic countryside near the Orwell river. The event raised in excess of £6,000.

We are delighted to be supporting the 2015 edition of this bi-annual event which will occur in June. We will be supplying this year’s walkers, anticipated to be 200+, with drinks bottles, suitably coloured pink. We may even have a few walkers from the businesses.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer has the ambition to stop women dying from breast cancer. They seek to achieve this by finding new treatments, discovering the causes, promoting early detection and ensuring the best possible care for women diagnosed with the disease. We are delighted to support “Walk on the Waterside” raise money and awareness for this great cause through this event.