Association of Wheelchair Children

The Association of Wheelchair Children, otherwise known as Go Kids Go, has been supporting children with disabilities and wheelchair users since 2000. This is a national organisation based in Yorkshire that delivers wheelchair skills training, advising children how to use their wheelchair independently without reliance on parents or carers. Go Kids Go give children and young people a greater sense of independence and freedom, helping them to feel more socially included and part of society.

The grant money of £2,000 will go towards the cost of funding a wheelchair skills workshop for children and young people in Ipswich. The workshop takes place in the help term and is specifically designed for children and young people that use wheelchairs, alongside their families and carers. The workshop will cover a variety of skills including back wheel balancing, manoeuvring up slopes, stairs and kerbs etc. Those who attend the workshop will also learn road safety and how to play wheelchair sports. Families are encouraged to join in the group (using spare wheelchairs) so they can learn how their family member might be feeling emotionally

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