Volunteer work at Fresh Start New Beginnings

On 18th June a small group from Pound Gates and Sevatas volunteered their time to paint at a charity we have recently supported with funding, Fresh Start New beginnings.

The charity does amazing work with children from 0-21 years old who have been victims of sexual abuse. The charity has done much inside to make the environment relaxed, safe and therapeutic but the outside environment was drab and tired. They wanted it to be bright and welcoming and that was where we came in.

The kind volunteers; Ally, Asha, Debby, Spencer, Dave, Dave’s son Ben and Felicity spent 4 hours there on Saturday painting the main external wall, a fence, the entrance gate and sign post the charity colours of orange and green and there is no doubt it made a big difference, just see for yourselves below:





We shall be returning to paint flowers on the wall that was painted white but even left as it is looks better.

Volunteering your time through activities like this is an easy way to give back to the community and it can make a huge difference not just to the charity but the people they support.


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